About Siedleczka - Located 168.4 miles SSE of Warsaw (Latitude: 49.9667 Longitude: 22.3667).

Siedleczka, Poland

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The Kanczuga / Siedleczka Cemetery - The cemetery is situated about 1.5 miles WSW of Kanczuga on the road to Siedleczka. Gravestones were removed from cemetery and used to pave the main road to the cemetery and other roads and properties.

A small marker marks the spot where the town jewes were marched to, shot and burried in a mass grave.

"I Set out to find cemetery in Siedleczka. By serendipity we stopped a lady on the street and asked her. She said she lived next to it and she would show us if we gave her a lift to her house. The cemetery is off of the main road and is not visible from the road. It is about a two minute ride from Kanczuga. If not for this lady we would not have found the cemetery. You must navigate up an old muddy hilly road to a farmer's home. There we asked the farmer's wife and she took us on foot to the place. The cemetery is completely overgrown with poison ivy, bushes and trees. It is less than one acre in size (I estimate) and is inaccessible except at the outer edges. There are piles of headstones and some standing." (Howard Nightingale)

Monument erected by local authorities
The memorial plaque reads "A mass grave of Jews, Victims of terror, Murdered in August 1942. Kanczuga"

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